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Mensaje del Gran Caballero de agosto de 2021


Here it is the end of March and getting ready for Palm Sunday, Good Friday and Easter. It seems like Christmas, New Year and Valentine’s Day was only yesterday. This year is surely flying by.


This means nominations for officer positions should be considered and submitted  to D.D Tim Pittman. If you want to be on the nominating committee send him an email ( See D/G/K e-mail dated March 25th.). If you wish to become a nominee for an officer position, send your name to D.D. Time Pittman.


Now for the good news..


This month we welcomed 3 brother Knights to our council--

Brother Fernando L Miranda Elgan who is a transfer and a 4th degree Sir Knight. Brothers Kenneth Torres and Edgardo Villalobos who are new members and have already completed their exemplification. Congratulations.!! Welcome to our Council.


I want to thank all that participated in our Corporate Mass, recruitment drive and with the Faith Ministry event. I am proud of our participation in these events


Don't forget, we vote on a resolution at April's meeting. You must be present to vote.


Lastly, watch the last videos on "Into the Breach" as we will have our final discussion on them. Also watch the video that D/G/K Ken sent a link to (email dated March28), its very interesting. It deals with a miracle.


Pray for everyone and see you soon.

Pete Zapitz


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